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Wayfinding Audit and Analysis, Planning and
Strategy, Messaging, Sign Standards and Design,
Landscape Architecture, Site Analysis, Irrigation Plan

Riverside Methodist Hospital 

Various Locations

Creating a space for everyone

Chester Family Garden at Riverside Methodist

The Chester Family Garden was commissioned after the construction of the new Neurological Tower, and started as Riverside Hospital's need for a dedicated respite space for visitors and staff. Located next to the main parking lot on route to the main entry, the garden is seen by 80% of hospital visitors, setting a positive tone for the healing and care they are about to receive.


Drawing on the healing properties of water the patio itself is circular in form and is an expression of a water drop and its corresponding ripples. These ripples are expressed in the patio form, seating slabs, vegetation and limestone walls.

The design provides table and chair seating as well as limestone slabs for seating overflow during organized gatherings. The rock sculpture fountain provides soothing sounds and masks nearby traffic noise. Boulders and stone create a metaphoric stream that is functional as natural drainage for the space. Limestone walls strongly emphasize the circular form while contributing to the feeling of comfort and safety. Double flowering cherry trees provide a wonderful spring show and is soon bolstered by the late blooming Kousa Dogwoods.

Riverside Methodist Wayfinding Strategy

PLANIT consulted on all interior and exterior signage for the hospital’s new 437,000 SF Neuroscience Center and Bed Tower. The facility features 224 inpatient rooms, 11 operating rooms, two stereostatic radiosurgery vaults, three radiology labs, and 30 diagnostic/treatment rooms.

The firm’s scope of work was expanded to include the replacement of all exterior directional and system identity signage on the entire Riverside Methodist Hospital campus.

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