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Environmental Design, Signage Application, Wayfinding Strategy, Augmented Reality

Velvet Ice Cream

Utica, OH

Showcasing the story of Velvet Ice Cream's Ye Old Mill in a new and innovating way.

Velvet Ice Cream is a fourth-generation ice cream company, parlor, and museum located in Utica, Ohio. PLANIT was given the opportunity to redesign the interior environmental graphics and develop an augmented reality experience to better tell the Velvet story in a space that is inviting to customers. Informative panels accentuate the layout of the building, forming a chute that guides visitors in chronological order through Velvet’s history of both the Dagar family and ice cream.

The augmented reality experience allows visitors to view a 3D motion rendering of the water wheel on Velvet Ice Cream’s site. The experience also takes the viewer through the photos of the journey to find the water wheel. The viewer can turn on audio as well to hear Mike Dagar tell the story.

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