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The Pointe

Vision Communities | Hilliard, OH

Evolution of classic lodge-style interior design for a modern clubhouse

This contemporary community stands out among the influx of classically themed communities along Edwards Farms Road in Hilliard, Ohio, and offers the best in-unit and clubhouse amenities to a predominantly millennial audience. PLANIT was tasked with the development of brand and sign standards.
The visual language blended Scandinavian and lodge styles and features a full-scale wooden moose, faux wooden monument signage, and an interactive brand wall. 
Marty the Moose
The full-scale wooden moose takes a fun and playful spin on one of the most iconic lodge decorations. Inspired by a handmade style, it is made of rustic wooden layers that fit like a puzzle to form a moose head. 

Well-received at the Pointe, the sculpture was nicknamed "Marty the Moose" and highlights the unique charm of the clubhouse.
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