Functional and soothing landscapes for  Sawmill ALC.

Sawmill ALC

Landscape Architecture  

Location: Dublin, OH

The Sawmill ALC is a 4 story facility located near existing single family homes so screening and softening was critical for its acceptance in the community.  Softening the building at the main entry and access road was accomplished with landscaping that complemented the architecture and created a pleasant entrance experience. 


Providing green respite space for users was critical to the success of the facility and the Main Garden and Memory Garden quickly became a priority for the project.


The covered patio provides shaded and rain proof seating opportunities next to the Main Garden.  A nearby water feature provides soothing sounds while the patrons view the garden along with numerous bird feeders.  A looped walking path seeks to encourage activity and active meditation, and provides periodic seating for rest.


The Memory Garden provides green space for users that is easy to navigate and safe.  Shaded seating is available, while fragrant plants, in a residential design style, seek to encourage memories of the past