Standout aesthetics and a newfound branding narrative for one of Columbus’ best civil engineering firms

Sands Decker

Logo Design, Brand Audit, Brand Guidelines, Graphic Design

Location: Columbus, OH

As their twenty year anniversary approached, PLANIT was given the opportunity to research, strategize, and create a new identity system to position Sands Decker as a standout civil engineering firm in the Midwest region. By researching the Midwest’s leading civil engineering firms, surveying current staff and clientele, and Sands Decker’s rich history PLANIT developed a identity strategy rooted in both analytics and creativity. Inspired by elements Sands Decker uses everyday such as topographic maps and soil profiles led to the creation of their new dynamic, narrative-driven logo sealed in an electric blue. To ensure a consistent visual language across their brand and take out the guesswork with many of its applications PLANIT developed a unique brand guidelines package. In June of 2018, Sands Decker celebrated their 20th Anniversary by unveiling the new brand.