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ADA Reference Guide

By Designers, For Designers

For a designer, nothing seems to kill an idea faster than saying the words “ADA Standards.” Between font requirements, contrast rules and let alone working around architectural elements, the task of designing an ADA sign can seem very daunting and “creative killing.” But in all actuality, the ADA standards do not have to kill any design, it just becomes one more element in the problem solving process. To help you out, we have put together our own condensed version of the ADA standards that guides us in designing your signage. We have also explained installation details that will help you look like a pro when you design and recommend where the signs will need to go in all architectural instances. Next time you run into a circumstance where there isn’t wall space, instead of referring to the complete ADA standards, use our condensed version. Hopefully, this guide will give you those answers and you will never run into an instance where someone says that your design isn’t ADA compliant, or the sign can’t go where you thought it would go.

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