The next great innovation in wayfinding

and patient experience is here


In the midst of 30 years of creating and implementing healthcare wayfinding systems, we've seen changes in regulations, strategies, styles, materials, processes, and designs. But, there are some things that just do not change such as the need for visitors and staff to navigate through increasingly complex buildings.

Many buildings are a maze of corridors, intersections and connectors that are far from being intuitive and create financial losses with the detriment of patient experience. 

Since the advent of smart phone PLANIT has been searching for a technology solution that guides the user via indoor mapping similar to Google Maps. We asked ourselves, "Why can't we do the same indoors?" 


In December of 2015 we discovered a company called MazeMap. Months of researching their product and talking with them confirmed that their product was the answer to what we had been looking for. 


Further affirmation came after meeting with the University of Virginia Medical Center and seeing the MazeMap solution first hand. We are now in a partnership with MazeMap and as a combined team of wayfinding experts and industry leaders in technology we are prepared to launch your healthcare network into a new direction for the patient experience.