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Brand Evolution, Brand Guidelines, Graphic Design

LUSK Architecture 

Dublin, OH

Sparked by a move in offices and need for updated materials, LUSK Architecture engaged PLANIT Studios to evolve a strong foundational brand identity. LUSK Architecture is a full-service architectural firm that is dedicated to helping clients through quality design and architectural services.

Employing the rich history of client service and their unique portfolio, the refreshed logo lends itself to modernity while maintaining long-standing trust. It showcases a serif typeface celebrating and embodying an existing language, a simplified color palette to suit various applications, and a structural composition to symbolize the foundational architectural brand.
The new iconography tells the story of the firm’s adaptation of historical to modern architecture. To ensure a consistent visual language across their brand, PLANIT Studios developed a unique style guide package to accompany the updated stationery.
Lusk logo (2009-11-05).jpg
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