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Augmented Reality

Skyline Art Coloring Page AR

Creating Magical Moments Through Creative Collaboration

This year at the Healthcare Design Expo, we partnered with Skyline Art to create a unique augmented reality coloring page. The experience was born from wanting to create a positive distraction in a typically stressful hospital environment that can keep the patient busy, allow them to save their finished coloring page or pick up where they left off. More detailed features including animations that reward the patient for fully coloring certain sections of the graphic as well as adding lighthearted whimsey, were also a part of the experience.

Skyline Art provided the artwork, PLANIT Studios programmed and built the experience and Construction Specialties printed the artwork out.

Scan the QR code to load the demo

New Tracking Image RGB.jpg

Beginning the Experience

skyline colored.png

Completed Coloring Page

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