A Better PLANIT.


A Better PLANIT.



Over the past 4 years Plan-It Studios LLC, with expertise in land planning and landscape architecture, and Innocom Corporation, specializing in environmental graphics, signage, and wayfinding, have shared office space, employees, projects, and supplies. Eventually it came time to share the company name. On August 4, 2016 both companies officially merged under one name PLANIT Studios; but let's not be formal - you can call us PLANIT.

When we all gathered around the table to start this process we asked "What are we going to call ourselves?" After much discussion we all came to the same conclusion: our company is not really about us as much as it is about clients - specifically our clients' "IT".

What and why is "IT" so important? Over the years we have been involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from quick turnaround assignments to incredibly complex projects. We have started calling the project goals our clients' "IT". "IT" motivated us to design, plan, and think creatively to turn chaos into concept. Our new brand was designed not just as a symbol of our expertise, but also as a symbol of our process to transform "IT".

PLANIT's Brand Emblem

ARROWS – Again the literal meaning communicates our expertise in environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding services.  However, they also represent the direction of the project, the exploration of options, and most importantly, the collaboration and success we enjoy so much with our clients.

CORE – The solid line that divides the roots from the arrows is our most important asset as a company – our staff.   They are the reason our clients continue to work with us, and they are the reason we continue to grow and attract new clients. Our staff is able to work with our clients to help them realize their ideas and transform them from chaos to concept.

ROOTS – These literally communicate our expertise in landscape architecture and land planning services.  However, they also represent the beginning of every project.  They are the many ideas that get tossed around at the start of the project.  They are the elements that feed and sustain the project and most importantly, they will support “IT” throughout its life.

500 W. Wilson Bridge Rd.
Suite 314 Worthington, OH 43085

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